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Des Moines Municipal Schools proudly serves the educational needs of the high plains of northeastern New Mexico. The school, located in Des Moines, is the hub of our extended community which includes Capulin, Folsom, Des Moines and Grenville.

Des Moines students enjoy a public school with a private school atmosphere. Students have access to specialized programs that meet their specific needs. Smaller classes allow our highly qualified teachers time for individualized instruction. Studies have shown that smaller class size is directly related to higher achievement. Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to consistently meet, and exceed, state standards. We take pride in our award winning athletic program. Students, as well as members of our community, have access to physical, dental, and behavioral health through the School Based Health Center.

Education is a priority in our community. Our Board of Education, administration, teachers, and staff are dedicated to providing our students a well rounded learning experience that includes academic studies, extra curricular activities, vocational training, and hands on experience. Our High School was chosen by U.S. News and World Report as a Bronze winner, one of only a few High Schools in the Nation.


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The PowerSchool program...

At Des Moines Schools we encourage parents to take an active role in their students' education. We offer parents the ability to view their students' grades and homework online through the PowerSchool program. To obtain your login information please contact Kodi Sumpter at 575.278.2611. By clicking here, Parent Login, or at the top of this page you can access your child's information. For more information about the PowerSchool program please contact the school at 575.278.2611.

Our School...
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As the site continues to grow we will provide access to a variety of information... academics, school activities, school and school based community events, and administration and staff information.

Our Health Center...
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We're very proud of our school based health center! The center offers a variety of, chiropractic, and medical.

Our Community...
Meet the Candidate Event sponsered by the Des Moines School RRI

The school is the center of our wonderful, and very supportive community. Visit the Community page for a copy of the Rural Revitalization Initiative newsletter and information about community events.