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The Steering Committee of the Des Moines School Rural Revitalization Initiative works to further educational opportunities, beautification, and economic development of the Des Moines School community.

Our mission is to support the design and implementation of projects and programs that positively impact the school community while recognizing, promoting, and building on existing strengths, assets, and positive attributes of community members. We want to hold firm to our rural values and lifestyle while providing opportunities that will enable our young people to come home.

We recognize that in order to sustain our community, we must work together. The success of one village benefits us all, but coming together as members of the larger community and holding monthly meetings as a forum for dialogue increases the likelihood of even greater successes.

We need partners who share a common vision and realize the urgency of immediate effort. We must focus our energies and strengthen the connections we share.

Our priority for the immediate future is economic development. To have a viable, thriving community, we must have the necessary infrastructure – housing, dependable water, and waste management systems.

We need input to identify issues and determine solutions that fit the needs of each village while improving the potential of the whole school community.

It will take individuals with diverse perspectives and a wide variety of interests and skills. Please consider becoming involved with one of our workgroups at whatever level of commitment is comfortable for you. There’s a place for all of us.

To learn more about the Rural Revitalization Initiative please call the school (278-2611) or email

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As the site continues to grow we will provide access to a variety of information... academics, school activities, school and school based community events, and administration and staff information.

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School Based Health Center

We're very proud of our school based health center! The center offers a variety of, chiropractic, and medical.

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Meet the Candidate Event sponsered by the Des Moines School RRI

The school is the center of our wonderful, and very supportive community. We will be posting information about the Rural Revitalization Initiative and other community events.