Des Moines Municipal Schools

Des Moines Elementary...

Shannon Hittson - Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Tonna Winford - Instructional Assistant

Sue Vincent - 2nd Grade

Anahy Martinez - 3rd Grade

Chesna Smith - 4th Grade

Jennifer Roark - 5th Grade

Kathy Owensby - 6th Grade

Delrae Ward - Pre-K

Community members may contact staff by phone at 575-278-2611. Teachers may be contacted before school and after school.


Literacy Plan

The PowerSchool program...

At Des Moines Schools we encourage parents to take an active role in their students' education. We offer parents the ability to view their students' grades and homework online through the PowerSchool program. To obtain your login information please contact Kodi Sumpter at 575.278.2611. By clicking here, Parent Login, or at the top of this page you can access your child's information. For more information about the PowerSchool program please contact the school at 575.278.2611.